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Children and Juniors

This program is for children ages 6-16. While providing students an opportunity to improve their physical strength and self defense technique, it also allows  them to enhance their mental health by developing self confidence and discipline through hard work. These students will learn a more advanced level of technique and Martial Art skills, all while building character and learning important life lessons.


"An experience to remember." Our awesome family training program is uniquely designed by the Tiger Twins to bring about family unity and bonding. A family that trains together sticks together! Moms and dads not only will you achieve the benefits of greater health, fitness, and self-defense awareness more importantly you experience family bonding


Legendary Trainers
Adult Programs

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Tiny Tigers

The program is for young children as young as 3-5 years old to develop motor skills and to enhance their balance and coordination. It is a life skills program whose purpose is to develop a child's focus, patience, respect and self-control. "Tiny Tigers" learn about fitness and technique through playful, game-like experiences. We utilize a positive dialogue response method to motivate and make children feel comfortable.

Child Programs


If you've ever thought about taking martial arts or trying a new fitness method our Adult Programs are for you. You will enjoy our exciting "Experience the Difference" with the Tiger Twins Black Belt Training System. Our curriculum is designed to help you to learn proper technique while getting your body in great shape. You will relieve stress and tension as well as improve your focus, concentration, and self-discipline. Come in for a free trial lesson and see immediate improvement. ​​