Welcome to Tiger Twins Tae Kwon Do Academy! 

Tiger Twins Tae Kwon Do Academy is dedicated to the highest quality of Martial Arts training since 1972. Our tradition and commitment to continually enhancing our programs has made us one of the most successful Tae Kwon Do schools in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Here you will find information on all of our exciting martial arts programs, including Tae Kwon Do classes for Tiny Tigers, Children, Families, and Adults.

At Tiger Twins Tae Kwon Do, we offer flexible class schedules with classes for all ages, and a positive atmosphere to further our students' fitness in the mind and body. Come train with our renowned Master and Instructors.

Learning Taekwondo at our school will not offer only short-term benefits, but ones that last a lifetime.

Get started right away with our Quick Start Tae Kwon Do Program! and find out more about us through the drop-down bar at the top of our page.




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